Firefox Design System

I was one of the 6 founding members of the design system initiative, and this program supported the Quantum team that shipped the new Firefox in November 2017 along with the new Photon UI language.

We started by auditing the Quantum and Photon work, from the design files to the code. We tested UI variations across devices and screens, and combined the small differences in a single source of truth.

Everything we did was documented in a website that we used to showcase the state of the art: colors, typography, icons, components, patterns, copy and resources.

In addition to that, we defined workflows, built and shipped tools enabling a team of 40+ people to work more efficiently and invest more time in research and testing.

We also launched a company-wide design tokens initiative to promote shared design decisions across 10+ products and 5 OS platforms.

We used every opportunity to promote the value of our work, it could be 10 minutes before our weekly UX meeting or a presentation in front of the whole Firefox engineering team during our bi-annual company retreat.

The work that we did was mostly operational but I learned to use my design skills to brainstorm, negotiate, iterate, advise, coordinate and help other people to design better and more efficiently.