Design Ops at Accurat

In 2019, I joined Accurat, a data visualization design, research and innovation studio with offices in Milan and New York.

I make sense out of complexity and help orchestrate our teams towards a solution. Since I am the only person in charge of design operations I have to cover a wide range of responsibilities.

For example I lead the design strategy for Accurat top clients or I mentor senior colleagues on product strategy techniques. I keep sharing my experience in shaping digital products to encourage the team to focus more on the outcome rather than the output. These initiatives have led to the formalization of programs such as design critiques or project retrospectives.

I helped organize the first data visualization meetup in Milan.

I have learned how design can be operationalized in an agency. I work side by side with the managing partners to make sure that our methods and approaches are outlined in offers and contracts, enabling the whole team to work on our own terms. I turn repetitive tasks and organisational dysfunctions into opportunities and learnings.

Last February, when the lockdown hit Milan, we were forced to become a remote company overnight. Luckily my prior contributions to the agency put us in the best position to continue to operate.

This job has taught me to design not only interfaces but also how people can work and interact. I’ve learned to design through other people.