Amin Al Hazwani


Design Ops and more at Accurat

I currently lead the execution and rollout of all design. I guide a 30+ group of data visualization designers, engineers, and scientists on multiple international projects.

I am responsible for the quality and the overall direction of the desired outcomes. Drawing from my experience, I can make quick decisions while articulating trade-offs and solutions that lead to win-win situations.

I can provide hands-on execution knowing the appropriate level of detail and fidelity necessary at every phase of the design process.


Gates Ventures

Most of my design work happens through other people. I act as a mentor to fellow colleagues nurturing both soft and hard skills.

IBM Data Visualization Design Language


Adobe 2021 Digital Trends Report

Before doing any design exploration I make sure that all the stakeholders are aligned on the right problem to tackle.

Triennale Design Museum


Firefox for Echo Show

As the sole designer, I shaped from concept to shipping the first-ever voice-controlled Firefox Browser. Available on Amazon smart displays, it’s used by 800K+ users.

I navigated in uncharted territories where the rules and engagements weren’t established yet. I set the vision for the user experience and partnered with researchers, product managers, and engineers to champion customer needs. Finally, I created detailed interactive prototypes demonstrating flows, interactions, and animations.

Firefox homescreen on Amazon Echo Show

Motion brought objects to life enabling users to see actions from many feet away.

Progress bar loading inside the address bar

I decided to minimize the number of choices available in the settings screens.

Settings screen with send usage data toggle enabled
Overlay modal with pinned websites

Layout grids kept the interface legible at a distance. I also excluded all unnecessary visual adornments.

Firefox for Fire TV

I led a major redesign that transformed a TV browser originally developed in a 5-day sprint into a native remote-controlled TV app serving up to 8 million users.

I brought clarity and structure to the existing system. I transformed open-ended opportunities into actionable next steps while honing the design execution through user feedback.

Firefox address bar overlay open and focused

Just-in-time suggestions let viewers discover hidden features with their TV controller.

Helper text displayed above a channel row

I limited the amount of information and adapted Firefox for a 10-foot interface that enabled watchers to read the text at a distance.

Settings screen with Pocket recommendation toggle disabled

Always in focus elements enabled users to know where they were and what they could do. Vertical and horizontal axes reduced the number of steps required to perform an action and discover content.

Firefox homescreen with Pocket recommendation row focused

Firefox Design System

I joined the task force that shipped the new Firefox in November 2017. My team and I designed and scaled the Photon visual language to web, desktop, iOS, and Android products.

We explored how the Firefox experience spanned different user types, situations, and devices. We presented the vision and design rationale compellingly and convincingly to the wider team.

We audited the Photon work, from design files to code snippets. We also tested UI variations across screens and operating systems, and combined the small variations in a single source of truth.

Selection of Firefox components

We defined workflows, built and shipped tools enabling a team of 40+ people to work more efficiently and invest more time in research and testing.

Firefox Photon icons

Everything was documented in a website that shared the state of the art: colors, typography, icons, components, patterns, copy, and resources.

Homepage of the Firefox Photon Design system website
Firefox tokens in a code editor

We launched a company-wide design tokens initiative to promote shared design decisions across 10+ products and 5 OS platforms.

Design Practice

In 2010 I founded a one-man studio specialized in design for screens. I helped organizations, startups, and companies shape their digital products.

I developed the first course on Web and Media Design at the MA in Eco-Social Design. I devised lectures and exercises that ranged from project strategy to creative production, from user research to user interface design.

Facade of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

I designed Tronko, a iOS and Android app for movie and TV show recommendations from the one source you trust – your friends.

Personal profile view and single movie view with Mr. Robot TV series

I co-authored an article for A List Part about the importance of animation in product design and how motion creates opportunities to make our interfaces better at every level.

Illustration that opens the article

I co-designed and developed the website for Studio Mut, “one of the most vibrant graphic design studios in Italy” according to Grafik Magazine, London.

Studio Mut website with the archive modal open

I designed and co-developed the website for the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. Built on a custom WYSIWYG editor, it enabled the faculty staff to autonomously compose and publish new pages, for a total of 5 school, 49 curricula and counting.

Research page of the faculty of design and art

The whole university website was content-first, pattern-driven, and designed in the open.

Selection of components for the university design system

Amin Al Hazwani worked as a graphic designer, web designer, event organizer, front-end developer, mobile interface designer, design system designer, product designer, and today is a design ops director. He designed a wide range of things, from icons to design systems. He organized design events and designed design orgs. He worked alone, in a duo, in a small team, in a medium-sized design agency, in a big distributed company. He’s literally tried it all.

You can reach him at amin at hey dot com.