I’m Amin Al Hazwani. I design apps, build websites and teach Web and Media Design at the Free University of Bolzano (South Tyrol, Italy).

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Teaching & writing

Since March 2016 I’m a Contract Professor at the MA in Eco-Social Design in Bolzano, feel free to sneak into the course program. Recently I co-wrote an article about a new approach to designing animated interfaces.

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I designed and co-developed the website of the university from where I graduated in 2015. The whole project was content-first, pattern-driven, and designed in the open.

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Sick of the average movie rating? Now you can download Tronko and get movie recommendations from the one source you trust – your friends.

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It was my first startup experience. In beautiful Berlin. I was the only designer and well, you can guess how it ended. We help Erasmus students get into the flow during their exchange semester.

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After a sleepless yet terrific night we deployed this iOS app that shares geo-localized anonymous audio messages. I designed the UI, and Schnauze won Best Collaborative App during the Meteor Global Distributed Hackathon 2015.

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Studio Mut

When Thomas and Martin called, I was thrilled to develop their playful, exuberant and provocative new website. The whole thingy is based on Kirby which, if you don’t know, is awesome.

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During my BA thesis I explored how journalists and newsrooms can effectively promote their articles. Newsboy is an app that helps reporters create, edit and share short news animated trailers of their most valuable stories.

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